Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A moment of silence...

I honestly don't know what to type right now, so I'll link to the words of some others folks.
Megan rounded up a lot of the articles, beware, they're pretty bad.
Holly on Feministe.
Little Light is a true poet.
Lisa has a look at how trans*women of color are treated in the media.
Belledame also has some thoughts on the news coverage.
Cara has even more.

This isn't specifically about Sanesha, but Julia Serano's TDoR post is so very touching. And on her Feministing article, she links to this article about Gwen Araujo, but I just want others to read it too.
"No one deserves to be killed for deception.
But in Gwen's case, there was no deception. Gwen was just being herself. In a world in which we are all told we have to be more feminine or more masculine -- Gwen was wise enough to know herself and brave enough to be herself. That is beautiful. She should be our role model.
Instead, transgender people are seen as deceivers. The word "deception" comes up often in our lives." --Dylan Vade

ETA: And another kid was killed; eighth grade, a classmate shot him for being gay and feminine.