Saturday, February 14, 2009

Since I've been in a coloring mood... I made a new trans* bingo card!
(my old ones had "tranny" on them and I'm not okay with us trans* guys using that word)

And, since I've been in a coloring mood, here are a few of the pictures I've colored (in order of earliest to newest):(disclaimer: I did not draw any of these, I just like coloring. If the artist is known, their name is in the filename.)


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

yeah, moar links

PETA is made of fail and racism (as well as ableism, transphobia, sexism, etc--check the Feministe comments). I recommend tweeting them to tell them how fucked up they are (@officialpeta)

Ren (and others) have been refuting a group of radfem's Thoughts On YaoiBDSM.
(btw, her epic comic post is pretty awesome- and this LJ comm is also fun)

Ginmar has some links for how you can help victims of he brushfires.

Recently, a Black man was posthumously exonerated for a crime he didn't commit--raping a White woman (this comment also has some great links).

I thought this post was very interesting, a genderqueer lesbian's thoughts on hir genitals and cultural messages about them (ugg, beware the cissexism in the comments though).

Georgia legislators are trying to get rid of Georgia Universities queer theory classes.

But here are some legislators doing the right thing: adding sexual orientation and gender identity to their local anti-discrimination laws. ^_^

Also, random tangent thingamajig...
Someone found my blog searching for "sexual magic blue pill "blogspot"" and then left a spam comment advertising viagra. The really, really weird thing is...the comment had good spelling and grammar. wtf world, wtf. o.0
(yes, I deleted it anyway)