Sunday, April 20, 2008

Farming T3h Links

I just put in my two-weeks notice, so I should have more time to blog in a bit.
But for now, here are some links y'all should check out:

Brownfemipower's finale. I've linked to her before, though not as often as I should have--every post was amazing and worthwhile, and have loved her blog since I first read it. I will miss her and her voice in the blogsphere.

Great news for disability rights activists; An Illinois court has ruled that it is illegal to sterilize a disabled woman against her will. I got the story from Feministe, but the comments really suck. Whatever happened to "my body, my choice"?

"How We See Each Other", from Transgriot.
"Seems like everyone belongs to a group with a cause.

And whether they recognize it or not, many causes share a common desire to be accepted.If they'd start by accepting each other, we might get somewhere."

I've also been reading Tamora Pierce's posts on Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints. They're an offshoot of the Mormon church that still practices polygamy and there is currently a case regarding the fact that they often "married" off little girls and forced them to have sex with and have the children of their 30+ year old "husbands" (aka, rapists).

I'm reading about how the only current sex worker on a panel discussing sex work, the only one who ever did porn on a panel focusing on porn, may be silenced by those who claim to be sex workers' and/or prostituted women's allies.
Because she said bullies should die, choking on their own blood under a truck. And some of those unnamed bullies included radical feminists.
This is apparently a threat on a specific person's life.

I started reading this, but I have to attempt to sleep before work tomorrow. I have to say, a lot of my relatives are or were working class. My mom had a manual labor job (until her heart issues forced her to quit) and my dad only became white collar because he jumped on the computer train when it first started (he went from electrician to keeping the network running). Most of my paternal relatives work in the Ford factories.
So far that I've read, I totally agree with Bill's old statement, Obama's words, and ABW.