Saturday, April 25, 2009

U Cannot Unsee It

This is one of those times I feel very sorry for straight trans* guys.
Seriously, at least the few(?) cis* male chasers-of-guys aren't Feminist Approved(TM).

For context, read Sarah & Nix.
(Warning, the comic can be triggering to guys who've had to deal with chasers)

Blargle blargle blargle.

I am also entirely fed up with hearing "o u so oversensitive!!!!" & "can't u take a joke???!!!".
1) It's not that we're oversensitive, it's that y'all are submerged in an ice cold bath of privilege/cissexism. 2) We can actually take a joke (we're making them at your bigoted expense aren't we?) it's just that y'all aren't funny.

plx to be shutting up nao, kthnxbai.