Monday, December 8, 2008

Still have writers-block so here are some links:

Sarah has helped set up the Trans-Community Activist Network forums (T-CAN); they're for UK-based grass-root trans-activism.

Ginmar is asking folks to help out her friend T again; they really want to make sure the kids have a decent Christmas.

Renee has several great posts up, I really can't link to any specific one.

Racialicious is talking about how, yet again, white western feminists are universalizing and colonizing "the more traditional Third World" and the lives of the women there.

I really like Deb's post, Embracing Women's Sexuality.

Some folks have started a blog to put all of Julie Bindel's erroneous and/or transphobic statements in one place.

From comments in Metaquotes:

I had a roommate who celebrated Hannukkah while I celebrated Christmas, and we always played them both up just for the fun of it. One year we tried to figure out what holiday the cat celebrated, and he had the idea that cats actually don't celebrate either -- they have their own holiday called "Ribbon." Because no matter what holiday the humans celebrate, there's all sorts of nice shiny ribbon for them to play with.

If they've been good kitties, they get even more ribbon to play with on Ribbon. If they've been bad kitties, they get tape stuck to their paws.

Dear Obama, your speech writer needs to be fired.

Most of my aunts and uncles are UAW, so in solidarity(h/t BFP) ETA and now Illinois says it will refuse to deal with BoA until they give Republic credit (h/t Ginmar):

There is Power in a Union.

BFP gives us Gardening as a Site of Liberation; interesting post and comments that gave me a lot to think about.