Thursday, October 23, 2008

Link Farming

Lisa and a friend of Ginmar both could use some donations Ginmar's friend could also use some resources for MN sex workers, single moms, etc.

Australia to follow China's lead on censoring the internet? (h/t Ren)

GOP is yet again trying to steal the election, except this time they're also accusing Democrats (& ACORN) of voter fraud (h/t). And yes, this does affect trans* people as well as many other oppressed peoples.

Women's Rights advocate, Esha Momeni, was arrested by the Iranian police. She is a student and she went to Iran to work on her Masters thesis on the Iranian women's rights movement.
The shit with Stonewall and Julie Bindel is still going on. If you're in the UK near London and can get to the demo, please go and support trans* people.

(from transe-generation, which seems to be down atm)

Cedar has some powerful posts about the genocide of trans* people. The medical industry, anti-trans* feminists, various governments, etc have all supported or perpetrated in it.
Yes, saying that trans* people should be morally mandated out of existence or that we should be barred from medically transitioning and instead go through reparative therapy "talking therapies" to cure us of trans*ism (about 8:40 in--you have to download to make it work) is fucking genocide.
We are an oppressed group of people that you want to make not exist; what other word would you use for that? Or do you consider what Zucker is doing a "good start"?
"Talk therapies" DO NOT work to "cure" us; they murder: us, our self esteem, our voices, any chance of happiness...
"Talk therapies" are aversion/reparative therapy just as much as electro-shock therapy was. They have tried everything to "cure" us, from drugs to behavioral to the wrong set of hormones, and all they do is suppress our trans*ism and cause us pain and suffering and death.
We don't need curing. We don't need fixing.
Everything that is "wrong" with us can be fixed by fixing this transphobic, kyriarchal society and allowing us to self-determine what sort of transition is best for ourselves. AKA, we aren't in the wrong, y'all are.
(If anyone reading this has a facebook, you can link this on the wall to prove that Bindel has in fact endorsed "ex-trans" therapy).
And yes, I'm ranting and angry and my tone is totally not polite at all. Perhaps if I make her kri ;_; from my m33n words, Bindel should sue me with her e-laywers/gf. ;_;
(you can easily replace the triangle with the trans* symbol and Christian with radfem)

Fuck the District of Columbia Department of Corrections.

Nix has an awesome excerpt from a lecture he'll be giving on cissexism in criticisms of Boys Don't Cry.

Dear Candidates, there are more colors than "Black, White, and Whatever". "That One" is also quite racist.

Palin is most definitely not an advocate for people with disabilities.

City dwellers and POC are "pro-American" too. I for one, was really moved by Biden's speech.

How black fathers are put on pedestals at the expense of black mothers via Womanist-Musings.

This is an interesting look at [transsexual-centric] transition; especially the difficulties of. One thing I'd like to add on the subject of Mike/Christine's re-transition, is that a number of trans* people have transitioned, re-transitioned, and then later transitioned again (often in a different way and/or to a more genderqueer gender). Most of the stories I've heard said that the pain, danger, etc of transition caused them to re-transition until they were in a better place or were more prepared for the hurdles of transition.

Happy news, I'm going to try Nanowrimo! Yeah, I know I haven't been updating much, but I hope this will get rid of my writers block and apathy.

ETA: I've also slightly edited my definitions post.