Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So, as this is my blog, here are my thoughts on this matter:

I've been hearing of pregnant trans*men since I first started researching trans*ism, transition, and ftm-spectrum trans*folks.
So this isn't a big deal to me; I got over my shock that *gasp* not everyone is me and therefore not everyone has the same level of dissonance around the same exact things as I do.
I could never get pregnant and carry to term.
Not only do I have no desire for children, but I could never carry a pregnancy to term and stay sane/alive.
The few times my period was late after boyfriend J and I started having PIV sex I freaked out and looked up my bookmarked "how to terminate at home" links. I planned to wait one more week before buying orange juice, vitamin C tablets, etc. for a vitamin C abortion.
Luckily, my period started a couple days later no one else the wiser (J is the type who won't do things that make me feel uncomfortable even when I say it's okay).

So yeah, while I could never carry a kid and I have no desire to...I have no problem recognizing that many men want to and they are still men. As well as there are many ftm-spectrum folks who do not identify as man/male would want to have a biological child and this alone does not make them women (they're only women if that's already a part of their identity).
Hellfires, I'm sure there are cis*men who would want to carry their own kid and will if technology ever progresses so far (or virtually if virtual tech ever gets there).

"I see no justifiable reason why a man shouldn’t be able to become pregnant if he has the physical capacity to do so - without threatening his legal status as a man." Says Rebecca.

And on a different note, a woman's suit against her would-be employer will go forward. Izabella Lopez was offered a job at River Oaks Imaging and Diagnostic and when they did a background check and realized she's a trans*woman they took back the offer; citing a "policy of refusing to hire people whose background checks reveal they misrepresented themselves to get hired." Of course, Ms. Lopez put both her current and former legal names on the application and the section for names to search in the background check. And at least one of the Oaks employees knew her as a trans*woman.