Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama Won!!!



I voted! (Did you?)
Barack Obama, though I certainly thought about voting Cynthia McKinney--but all the McCain signs in my area of MI scared me off.
I did vote Green for Senator and a few other local/state elections.
I am very, very irritated with my bf; he couldn't get off his ass and register. At least he is in NY, not a battle-ground. Its one thing if you choose not to vote, its another to just be too fucking lazy/not care.

So, comments will be moderated because I'm off again to my grandparents tomorrow.
At least I conquered the evil fridge-monster last time I was there. (did you know that pickles and pickle juice can mold? well, a jar of pickles and pickle juice can get a cm-thick layer of mold)
This time I need to get my grandma to go through their clothes and choose what to get rid of.


(The Last Unicorn is a great movie and book.)

(Pirates vs Ninja? Ninja totally win.)

(Quote from Shawshank Redemption--a totally awesome movie)

(If anyone has decent Ferngully slashy art/fic I will love you forver)

(Yes I totally do)

(Gaming + comic books = two great things, now go great together!)

[picture redacted]
(Guess who plays with GIMP?)