Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Up, Up, Away

I'm going to be offline for a little bit, seeing family out in the boonies. Seriously, there isn't even a landline at the house (luckily, there is plumbing and electricity; unless theres a storm).
Comments are going to be moderated while I'm gone to prevent trolling (to be fair, I have been poking at them recently).
To everyone else, sorry if your comment isn't seen for a bit, I'll approve comments when I get back. ^.^

Heres what I've been reading lately, mostly anti-racism type stuff:
The myth of reverse racism
Baby-Stepping away from racism, a guide for white folk.
And a link-roundup of other anti-racism guides and the like; unfortunately, I don't have time to read them all before leaving.

I've got a few books and game boy games to take with me so I shouldn't be too bored. ^.^
Maybe I'll finally get a chance to just sit down and read bell hook's Salvation: Black People and Love or Eliade's The Sacred and Profane... Maybe if I leave my fantasy/scifi at home I'll actually read them instead of just talking about reading them. >.<


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Moar Links Part 2

Meh, instead of reading stupid people, read these awesome posts:

There was a hearing on discrimination against trans*folk in the workplace.

Monica writes about how the hearing was nearly all white, as in there was one POC total. This sucks, but she's already said that and more.
Anti-racist groups finally respond to the beating of Ms. Johnson by officers McRae and Swain.
Data is awesome.
Theres more there, go read now.

Ren has something to say about anti-porn folks distributing porn to minors and Federal law 2257.
"Oh, and I am curious, are people CARDED before attending one of these events? Viewing the slideshow on line? If not, then anyone and everyone involved in this program is guilty of showing pornography to minors…oddly enough, John Stagliano is in court for such things… do the same laws not apply?"

Ren also takes on mAndrea's m00nlogic. Before answering folks questions about porn.
Ren is awesome.

SnowdropExplodes also takes on mAndea and her "logic' and "proofs".

I've added a couple things to my trans* 101/201 link list that you should check out. Theres a little bit on different definitions and ways to look at "gender". Julia Serano also wrote a nice piece on how calling gender a construct or performance is not helpful or useful.
I got them from Helen G, thanks!

Cara addresses the transphobia in feminism.

Daisy, as well as various commenters, have addressed Heart's "fight the lies" blog.

Shiva muses on disability hate crimes and why we don't look at them that way.

Little Light is thinking about olive trees (and no, it has nothing to do with the "feminist carnival").

I am also a dork. ^.^

ETA: Elly, if you're the same Elly commenting over at mAndrea's, I salute you!
While I doubt mAndrea will listen, perhaps a few of her commenters/lurkers might. You are great!