Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Up, Up, Away

I'm going to be offline for a little bit, seeing family out in the boonies. Seriously, there isn't even a landline at the house (luckily, there is plumbing and electricity; unless theres a storm).
Comments are going to be moderated while I'm gone to prevent trolling (to be fair, I have been poking at them recently).
To everyone else, sorry if your comment isn't seen for a bit, I'll approve comments when I get back. ^.^

Heres what I've been reading lately, mostly anti-racism type stuff:
The myth of reverse racism
Baby-Stepping away from racism, a guide for white folk.
And a link-roundup of other anti-racism guides and the like; unfortunately, I don't have time to read them all before leaving.

I've got a few books and game boy games to take with me so I shouldn't be too bored. ^.^
Maybe I'll finally get a chance to just sit down and read bell hook's Salvation: Black People and Love or Eliade's The Sacred and Profane... Maybe if I leave my fantasy/scifi at home I'll actually read them instead of just talking about reading them. >.<

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Anonymous said...

*blinks* You're going to read Eliade again? You still have it?