Monday, July 7, 2008

3rd person is 3rd person

Kristopher went away to be hounded and guilt-tripped for several days nonstop, cut off from all his Important People.
Kristopher was already depressed and lonely and therefore did not need more bad energies.
Then Kristopher came back to find that there was drama everywhere. And not just where or how he expected it. Moreover, drama between people he sees as e-friends and bad drama in places he hoped to stay fun/good so that he could stay sane. >.<

Kristopher also found out he may be confined to MI for this Autumn--which is very, very, very, very, very...very bad.
Therefore, Kristopher will probably ignore the world and read fanfiction and World of Darkness rulebooks** nonstop for the next few days.
Somehow, he thinks isolation will fix loneliness and depression; whats the worst thing that could happen? It's not like he hasn't already tried this and had bad things happen as a result... oh wait...

Kristopher would very much like to cuddle and wrestle with his boyfriend as this makes everything look nicer; far, far away from their relatives would be nice too.
Unfortunately, Kristopher will only see the boyfriend when Kristopher is out of MI.
At least if Kristopher is in MI during August he might be able to go to Camp Trans. That would still be a maybe though, as that may be Too Much for parents to handle and gas is really expensive. (though he, unlike some *coughcoughheartcoughcough*, will not pass a collection plate so that he can go and buy handmade soaps and clothes)

PS: I remembered my first evar dream! I have never, ever, ever remembered a dream before. I thought I was magically unable to dream or something!
This dream? Totally a message, though of what I don't know; I need to talk about it with certain friends f mine who are better at spiritual stuffs than i am. Unfortunately, they have not been very reachable (computer died, they have jobs, etc) lately and so this may take a while. >.<

And can anyone tell I am trying to procrastinate against sleeping? Sleeping alone is boring and we hates it, yes precious we hates it.
Can someone teleport my boyfriend here for me? Cause then i could sleep and cuddle and wrestle; everything a growing boy needs...

**At least kristopher will find it useful for that monster post he has floating around in his head.


Helen G said...

Helen is happy that Kristopher is back.
Helen is sad to hear that Kristopher feels down atm.
{{{sends hugs}}}

Outis said...


Wait... let me get this straight... you're going to be HERE as in MEEECHIGAN??

I can see how that would depress anyone.
Dude, the least I can to is to ship you some Bell's Ale....

Hopefully things will get better

OH, and the dream? Go back and check out the 10th insight. I think you will find some answers there.


Drakyn said...

Thanks Helen. ^.^

Drakyn said...

I am here in MI already ;_;

And if I was 21 I could walk down to the corner liquor store and buy some... 0.0
Yes, where I live the corner store is a liquor store (except, recently, a Krogers also moved in).

I already know a couple of the meanings of the dream...but I know there are at least a few more. Since the dream involved a couple of my friends, I think I need to get their perspective too.
Though I will go and look at the 10th again, thanks. ^.^
Hey, did you know the website has a summary of each of the insights? I've found it helpful when I need a quick refresher or something. ^.^

Drakyn said...

And Outis? Thanks for reminding me of the insights. I really needed to remember them right about now. Funny how that works, huh? ;)

Outis said...

Actually, yeah. If you buy into Redfield’s philosophy (which I do), when you know that you need to share, you share. This is how "Critical Mass" is achieved. Somehow I knew that I should remind you of the insights.

If you pop over to my place, I left a message and a picture. If things get too much for you to handle, feel free to go to this space in your mind, or if you are in the general area, I can loan you a boat where you can go to this place, literally

I really appreciate your thoughts on the subject of being Trans... I had never thought much on the subject, so when I found your blog and the issues that you cover, a whole new world of human experience was offered to me. I really have learned a lot.



Drakyn said...

Yeah, I was attempting to reference his idea (hence the winking face). ^.^;;

I like writing about trans* stuff and my feelings and experiences as a transsexual person. It really helps me think deeper about myself and I think I learn a lot. And what good is knowledge if it isn't shared? :)

And I do have more substantial posts rattling around in my mind, they just aren't quite ready to be written yet. I think sometime in the next few days I may have one up on monsters and what connotations/meanings I attach to monsters and the monstrous.
I just need a little time to recover from an almost constant stream of Interrogator/Poor Me over the past week. And from my own Aloof response...and now I see I'm getting into a bit of Poor Me so I'll stop. ^.^;;

Drakyn said...

Oh yeah, Outis, if you have any topics or questions or whatever feel free to ask. It's more fun when its a discussion instead of a lecture (I'll admit I still prefer the setup of LJ comms somewhat, makes it feel more like a dialogue than blogger).
Same with most anyone else really (within reason of course, folks like mAndrea and Heart can keep the hell off my blog. I just went through and deleted the whole sorry lot's urls from my history to remove temptation to angst/rage; I don't need them to come over and play poke the freak).

({[holy parenthesis batman!]})

Andy said...

Sorry that you are having a rough time. I hope things look up for you soon. :)

Drakyn said...

Thanks Andy. ^.^

And I replied on your blog too, Outis. ^.^

Andy said...

I actually started blogging!

If you get a chance, would you drop in? =D

(No worries if you can't though. Srsly. ;)