Saturday, April 25, 2009

U Cannot Unsee It

This is one of those times I feel very sorry for straight trans* guys.
Seriously, at least the few(?) cis* male chasers-of-guys aren't Feminist Approved(TM).

For context, read Sarah & Nix.
(Warning, the comic can be triggering to guys who've had to deal with chasers)

Blargle blargle blargle.

I am also entirely fed up with hearing "o u so oversensitive!!!!" & "can't u take a joke???!!!".
1) It's not that we're oversensitive, it's that y'all are submerged in an ice cold bath of privilege/cissexism. 2) We can actually take a joke (we're making them at your bigoted expense aren't we?) it's just that y'all aren't funny.

plx to be shutting up nao, kthnxbai.


Jay said...

I think in certain small ways it's somewhat...good that at least this is getting talked about in queer and trans circles...that cis women can be gross and transphobically fetishy towards trans men. I don't think those ideas had much traction before "the cartoon" got publicity. So if there is a silver lining, maybe that's it.

I've definitely been in really poisonous spaces where queer cis women are attracted to trans men for all the wrong reasons. And often the objects of their affection/affliction are young, early in transition, needy, naive, lonely, etc--and that dynamic can be so gross and harmful. *at least* we are talking about it now.

Drakyn said...

That is very true.
When I was first coming out of denial there were a bunch of posts on LJftm about that trannychaser Nerve article.
I am so glad I read those comment threads because of how many guys talked about how abusive chasers can be (even unintentionally; as you say, they tend to go after the guys who are early in transition) and why being a chaser is Not A Good Thing.
Otherwise I may have ended up getting taken advantage of (I used to be rather more attracted to women than I am now, so having girls like me would have been welcome then).

Ruth Moss said...

I also think, like I said on twitter (or maybe you said it, can't remember!) that some of those comments on that thread were exactly like the type of comments MRAs make on a feminist forum... and they just don't seem to Get It...

Drakyn said...

I think we both said it. Moreover, it has been pointed out several times by multiple different people.
Of course the response is either *crickets* or *hand wave* "But it's different!!1eleventyone".

polerin said...


And she's disabled comments.
AWESOME. So now people can't even see the objections that people had.



DaisyDeadhead said...

Just dropping a line to say I miss you.