Saturday, February 14, 2009

Since I've been in a coloring mood... I made a new trans* bingo card!
(my old ones had "tranny" on them and I'm not okay with us trans* guys using that word)

And, since I've been in a coloring mood, here are a few of the pictures I've colored (in order of earliest to newest):(disclaimer: I did not draw any of these, I just like coloring. If the artist is known, their name is in the filename.)


Anonymous said...

"Women are the most oppressed evAR!"--what a riot. Excellent post.

Anonymous said...

Ha nice!

Also, "Gender is a construct"... "How do you *know* you're trans?"... "Justify your existence to me"... "*I'm* not transphobic"... "My cousin's friend's sister's daughter's boyfriend *knows* a transgender and even he agrees"...

Actually, there prolly aren't enough bingo cards in the world...


polerin said...


Gee, I wonder what spawned this bingo card. :D
You ever thought of doing colors on a webcomic?

Drakyn said...

Very true Helen. ^.^
ANd I wanted to focus on the transphobic feminist-specific bingos as compared to the general bingos. ^.^;;

Hehe Polerin. ^_^;;
Never really thought about it; probably wouldn't be to good at it since I am soo bad at doing things in any sort of decent amount of time. (like I promised my sister, a week ago, that I'd make her a ring for her bf for V-day. I started it last night at like 9pm and finished at like 3am)

polerin said...

heh, yeah, I can understand that :)
I'm not exactly known for my punctuality either.

Ellie said...

While I think these cards are quite funny, and useful to denounce some recurrent transphobic tendencies, I fail to see how some sentences are "transphobic" (but maybe I say that because I agree with them :o ).

E.g. I don't see why saying "being women is all about being oppressed" or "we must eliminate gender" would necessarily be transphobic.

Drakyn said...

Whether or not there are ways of saying/meaning "being a woman is all about being oppressed" and "we must eliminate gender" without being transphobic is immaterial, the way that transphobic feminists always say/mean them is transphobic.

Ellie said...

Other Ellie:

It's bingo, not every square is necessarily a dealbreaker (although in this particular grid many are) but the idea is that if you've got a line... BINGO!

ginmar said... does being trans reinforce the binary? Look at that guy who had the babies because his wife had had a hysterectomy. That's exploding the binary, which is a good thing.

Oh, God, do you read Palinpumawatch on LJ? Boy, did I discover privilege fast on that blog. I recommend it.

Drakyn said...

The 'logic' I've seen is pretty much "well, if you switch from one to the other you are saying/proving that they both exist. therefore, you are reinforcing it!". I've also seen people try to say that genderqueer folks reinforce the binary too because...not identifying as either somehow...proves the binary exists... o.0
I know, the logic is not earth-logic.

Yeah, I read it. I'm just not much of a commenter. ^.^;;

ginmar said...


So.....Okay, my brain hurts. It seems to me that anything that fucks with the gender binary is good?! Right? I's really simple. Two rigid genders=bad. So...huh?

Oh, and transfolks, in my opinion, aren't switching from one to the other. They're finding all kinds of gradations in between.

Drakyn said...

Oh yeah, I should have made it more clear that they seem to think we "switch" genders/roles, not that trans* people actually do.

Yeah, I think most trans* people are against rigid, violently enforced gender roles/binaries; especially as we often are the ones getting them "enforced" all over us--from physical violence to how difficult/impossible it is to change our papers to the SOC/gatekeepers.

I think part of what brings them back to arguments like "but we must eliminate gender!" is a desire to keep the discourse on an abstract level.
'Cause they are not only supremely ignorant about real trans* lives and issues, but it's a hell of a lot harder to look "reasonable" while arguing that we shouldn't be allowed to be safe when we use the bathroom than when arguing that we "reinforce gender roles".
They'd rather talk about their abstract theories or utopian future worlds (where we conveniently don't exist) than what sort of issues trans* people actually face and what sort of things we're doing to overcome them.
/rant ^.^;;
(sorry, been discussing this focus on the abstract over real lives/experiences in some various comms, so it's on my mind.)

GDad said...

I wrote a bingo card generator over at my pad. If I can figure out how to completely Javascriptize it, you're welcome to use it as a gadget.

I LOVE the color on the person on the bed.

Drakyn said...

*sigh* my crappy internet connection ate my last comment.
GDad, I'll check it out when I have a decent internets.
Thanks! and the pic is of Harry Potter, in Sirius's room, after Sirius died. I'm actually working on getting the whole pic colored, but I am flighty and easily distracted. -.-;;