Saturday, January 12, 2008

Articles and links

Becoming a Black Man is a very interesting article. I found it to be a nice introduction to some of the issues trans* people of color face. From what I've already read, and can infer based on what I do know of racism, I agree completely when the article states, "Left largely unexamined, however, has been the issue of racism and how trans men and women experience it. Trans people of color are finding that they have an extremely different relationship to gender transition than white people."

Queer Africa is another great article from the same site.
I've been to Color Lines before, but this'll be the time I remember to bookmark it. ^.^;;

I haven't researched enough on the REAL ID act yet; it's too scary and depressing.
But this looks scary for anyone; residents of states that are against the act or that aren't moving fast enough may be given extra trouble when they board planes. I think the REAL ID act is a trans* issue, a states' rights issue, an immigration rights issue, a privacy issue, a POC issue, a security issue, etc.
White, cissexual, US residents are just lucky that at least they decided not to go through with having employers fire those whose social security info has irregularities; such as you using your married name instead of your maiden without officially changing it on your SSC.

Real Nightmare is a site against the act and here is the Homeland Security page on it. Oh yeah, here is a pdf summarizing the act.

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