Monday, May 5, 2008

I can has hypocritical referances to Owellian doublethink**?

So, I was going to write a rant or something about a couple of anti-trans* posts I read.
I decided not to as both posts are utter crap, but then I decided to anyway.

One's about how logical this cis*woman is and how us trans*folk are so illogical, we expect our feelings to be catered to, how our "irrational or magical thinking is the sign of an ignorant person," and how she's condescending to us because "that’s what always happens when adults speak to retards."
Oooo, nice ablism thrown in as a delicious cherry on top!

The other one was that same old !transgender reifies gender and/or gender roles! !Just be a feminine man or a masculine woman! BS.
And the comments are way worse.
There was crap about how all trans*women just luurve porn and hentai and how this "proves" that they just fetishize being women and/or degraded like a woman.
How sexist men luurve to go to trans*women prostitutes and trans*women luurve it because they are degraded and together "Sexist men look out for each other and will cooperate to control women’s bodies in any novel way they can think of."

Oh yeah, apparently folks who experience transsexuality as I do, being "inordinately focused on 'the parts'", simply have OCD. An OCD that only manifests as wanting to have different genitals and/or secondary sexual characteristics.
Umm, I trust that trans*folks who also have OCD can tell the difference and would speak out if there was none. Just like how trans*POC would speak out if there were any similarities between being trans* and black/whiteface.

I love how knowing one trans*person, or going to a couple of meetings where there were a few trans*women present, makes you an expert on trans*folks and you therefore have a lot of experience with trans*folk.
And how it's our bad if we decide not to answer your inane and/or bigoted 'questions' (interrogations) and therefore you can go around saying trans*folk will never answer your innocent questions.

**Doublethink is an Orwellian word; doublespeak is not.


Jay said...

Oo oo, pick me!

I'm trans and have OCD.

Becoming more and more open (to myself, then to others) about being trans has reduced my compulsions mightily. I haven't seen a therapist in months, and am still alive (no mean feat if you HAVE to take 62 paracetamol exactly, etc.)

It's a pretty universal experience of OCD sufferers that their compulsions lessen if their mental health as a whole improves. OCD is always, always there, but can often be managed if other trauma is absent.

Guess what! Contrary to a load of transphobic posts I've read, my mental health must therefore be a hell of a lot better with coming out.

I'm not "inordinately focused on 'the parts'" (loving the completely random value judgement there - which I hear as "you, Drakyn, choose to be transsexual rather than transgender - and you, Jay, because your genitals bother you much less than other things, are one of those nice masculine women and not a hideous transman at all").


Oh, yes - I have never had an OCD attack over my female parts. Never, ever. And I have OCD attacks over a pretty fucking large variety of things.

The two aren't comparable. I know transphobic people won't listen. But had to rant.

(By the way - hello! I have lurked here for a while)

Drakyn said...

Welcome ^.^
Heh, I think they added that OCD theory to cover folks like me who have been pretty adamant that it's not sexual and it's not about gender roles.
And that makes sense with OCD; how it'll get worse if you're stressed or if your general mental health is low. I'm not surprised that, ya'know, not having to play a part helps you immensely. I'm afraid to think of where I'd be regarding my depression if I hadn't come out. And yeah, almost none of my depression is caused/triggered by me being trans* actually. Just from not being able to medically transition.

Sometimes, when I want to rant a little but it's just the same old "arrg, we aren't butch lesbians n denial! Trans*women aren't fetishizing women's bodies! blarrg!"
I tell my friends instead.
I have learned one very important thing:
Do not explain to your friend that some radfems/feminsts think that you are only trans* because you can't hack being a masculine woman/lesbian when she is driving.
Luckily, it was around 2am so there was no one on the other side of the road.
Yeah, she almost lost control from laughing so hard...

Anonymous said...

omg omg plz link me to them plz thx :D

Drakyn said...

Don't want to link, but google "Miss andrea crying game". ^.^

Tigs said...

Holy crap, I had to stop reading that trainwreck over there. Thanks for the post on it, that whole conversation made the brain baby kick.

Drakyn said...

I think it's amusing that they mention a coupe times that their theories on trans*folk make no sense--yet they just chalk it up as men making no sense.
Too bad I can't post macros in comments here; I'd post my FAIL macro with the DVD rewinder.