Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yeah, just more links

Plastics and other commonly-used chemicals may be responsible for early puberty (as in 14-month old babies and 7 year old girls). I already don't eat meat and try to use soaps without chemicals in them...but I know its impossible to get away from them all.

Kate Bornstein on WALL-E. I <3 loneliness, WALL-E, and being trans*.
(I got both links from Helen).

Queen Emily is guestposting on Lisa's blog; she's doing an awesome job looking at common cissexist/transmisogynist tropes. So far, "You're really just a man/woman" and "patriarchal privilege" are up; and the comments are pretty good too imo.

London Pride shouldn't be proud of how they treated (and their non-apology) trans*women. At Pride, trans*women were barred from using the women's restrooms. The stewards called the police on them and the police demanded their gender recognition certificates. WTF.

The People's History of the American Empire (video).

Debs did a "Rape News Round-up".
And now I want to get a few of these books...

Bint Alshamsa tells us not to call her "differently abled".

Measure of Medication from Gehenna.

Over at Radical Masculinity there is a call for discussion about creating healthy models of masculinity. The posts sie (?) links to are very good reading (one of which is a critique of Robert Jenson's views on masculinity, the other is on butch identity and ableism). I highly recommend a lot of the posts on RM; Genderqueer Genders in Society and Masculine Privilege Without Male Privilege? are two great ones.

Also, if I'm still in MI I really want to go to Camp Trans. Is anyone else going?

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Queers United said...

i didnt know kate bornstein had a blog, cool, i just finished her book pomosexuals

Outis said...

Hi Drakyn...

I can't give you any links, but there was some concern a while ago about all of the growth hormones being given to feed animals. In Europe they have been banned. Researchers were finding a correlation between the hormones and early puberty. (also, I think elevated violence)

Lots of great links in your post!


Gauge said...

I really loved Kate Bornstein's post on WALL-E (though I haven't seen the movie yet, though now I really want to), Queen Emily's guest posts, and I thought Bint Alshamsa's post on what is wrong with the term "differently abled" was amazing; I could never quite articulate why the term squicked me so much.

My pronouns are indeed ze/hir. Thanks for linking to me (and reading my blog and liking it)!

I'm also going to Camp Trans; it'll be my third year, and I'm busy helping out with some stuff this year and getting stuff together for my performance. I really hope you make it, it is an amazing space! And definitely check out the camp trans website -

I really need to write a post about Camp Trans soon.

Helen G said...

Thankee for the linky love, Mister!


Hells Bells

Drakyn said...

I remember that Outis; also various articles that linked the growth hormones (via fast food) to early puberty and depression.
And thanks. ^.^ (And I did reply to your July 7th post)

Thanks Gauge! I like your blog, I just wish you'd update more (like I can talk, right?). ^.^
And I've been wanting to go to CT for years... One of my only trans* friends that I know offline is really active in it (jack radish).
I liked WALL-E a lot. And I also just remembered that both WALL-E and EVE nurture/protect the plant in their bellies.

I like your blog too Helen. ^.^

Gauge said...

Jack is great! And I do need to update a lot more often; I'm way too much of a perfectionist about my posts, and have a tendency to procrastinate about writing.

Oooh, the fact that both WALL-E and EVE nurture/protect plants in their bellies - amazing!

Drakyn said...

I procrastinate too.
Like right now I should be writing, doing dishes, or making jewelry.
What am I doing?
Reading blogs and watching the movie Nick Fury: Agent of SHIELD.