Thursday, September 4, 2008

RNC Brutality

Theres been a bunch of stuff happening that I really should have been blogging about. I'm sorry, but I just wasn't up to it; loads of stuff offline and personal things, but I'm also getting burned out. I am so tired of the same old cardboard arguments getting thrown at us, the same old trolls sapping our energy, and the constant betrayal for crumbs from the kyriarchy. But I'm not the only one and getting tired of getting shit thrown at you and yours is bound to be tiring. I'll rest when I need it and get back to cleaning when I can. ^.~

So, back to what I should be writing about:

RNC. Blackwater, targeting medics(!!!), illegal arrests (journalists!!!), illegal searches(!!!), police brutality(!!!), fascism, actual assassination plots going unpunished (who cares if Obama gets killed), media blackout, gathering info on undesirables...
Need I go on? (no need, BFP has been awesome)
Of course, everyone is focusing on Palin and her baby's baby and not the Illegal Activity the government is participating in. I don't give a fuck about who is preggers and who wasn't.
I give a fuck that the government is stepping up it's fascism and brutality to levels that are obvious to anyone with eyes. How long until this becomes the common way of treating all citizens? (already intersections of POC, queer/trans* folks, homeless folks, poor folks, etc are treated this way)
How long until running to Canada is more than just talk? How long until the doors of moderate straight, white, cis*, men and women are getting broken down because they said something unpatriotic? How long until the S.O.S. men are real?

PS: petition to drop charges against the journalists.


Andy said...

As the Rotund has put so perfectly: Sometime you have to take a break.

Drakyn said...

Thanks Andy!
I really liked this part, "A lot of people who find FA talk about how much easier it was, how much happier they were, before they started trying to accept themselves…It’s easier to hate yourself in silence than it is to come to a place of self-acceptance."
It's very true for me re trans* and depression/anxiety issues.

polerin said...

I've got a couple videos linked over at my lj, nothing much. Seriously, people need to get up in arms about this.