Thursday, November 13, 2008


Back from my grandparents house. OMG, I really dislike my grandma. I have to fight her to do any cleaning beyond dishes! I had to dust the walls/ceilings in secret because she got mad at me for doing it. o.0
I wanted to tackle a bit of the mess they call an attic, but noooo.... I can't be moving her precious shit around and actually putting it into boxes and stacking it neatly and getting rid of the obvious trash! GRRR.....

And there is way too much shit to process going on in the world:

Apparently Minnesota is all "yay forced electroshock-[torture]!!!"
And Duanna Johnson was murdered. Most likely by ex-officers Bridges McRae, James Swain, and/or their buddies on the force.
And the fucking [police]** don't have any leads. Because its not like she was beaten by two police officers a few months ago--which led to their being fired. Its not like she went public and was suing the city or anything (though the lawsuit will be going forward!). Its not like she was being harassed by the police for "prostitution" (aka: existing while black and trans* and a woman. and even if she was a sex worker, she may not even have been working at that moment).
**Does anyone know of a slur for the police other than "pigs"? I'm not a fan of pigs because of the fatphobic associations with the word pig.
Despite having a relative who was an officer (who does still have my respect), I have lost all respect for the institution and all members unless the individual proves they are not a power-hungry, abusive, rapist, bigot.

ETA: A paypal account has been set up to help Duanna's mom pay for her funeral.

Folks who think that prop 8 passed because of t3h 3vil POC can go DIAF. Seriously, blame the mostly white mormons and catholics for funding the bigoted/lying campaigns. Or maybe your own organizations' racism and FAIL.Yes, I am in a bad and violent mood.
Uppity Brown Woman is also angry about several things; like Duanna's murder, "honor" killings, and lesbians being beaten for daring to pick their kids up from school.

Who'd have thunk that preaching racist anti-immigrant hatred all over the USA government/media would result in folks going out "beaner hunting"?
In other news, bears do, in fact, shit in the woods.

And I am totally failing at Nanowrimo; I have practically nothing written because of being at grandparents house and various apathy/depression things leading to writers block. But after I (eventually) get some sleep I'll post some of what I have in my lj (needs m0ar editing...). Theres also a story for Duanna; as she is unlikely to get justice.

But here is a killer bunneh and some pretty guys (yep, all three are guys) because I need some smiles and pwetty.


Andy said...

Glad to see you're back. ((hugs))

GDad said...

My grandma tries to redirect my energy into "things a tall guy in his late 30s can do for me" so I don't do anything rash, like clean.

I end up changing light bulbs and getting things off high shelves.

ArrogantWorm said...

I was wondering where you'd gone off to. Welcome back! Also, I like the bunny.

Daisy said...

Oh goodness, well, you are welcome to come over here and clean to your heart's content! :)

shiva said...

Never thought of calling cops "pigs" as potentially fatphobic before.

I assumed it was from pigs being unclean in Islam, via the NOI and hip-hop culture, with possibly a reference to Orwell's Animal Farm in there as well.

There's always "Babylon", but i prefer using that to mean the whole of Western state-capitalist society and its industrial-imperialist complex, or in even more general terms all those who try to rule over others (of course the police are part of that).

Of course, that too has its origins in Abrahamic religion, and ideally i'd rather a term that didn't...

Drakyn said...

My grandma doesn't clean and never has...
Like last time I was over there I cleaned the fridge; did y'all know that pickles and pickle juice can get a cm-thick layer of mold? Or that if you leave vegetable matter in the drawers of the fridge the leaves will turn into goo but keep their shape and not look like goo at all?

I actually hate cleaning; I'm a slob (though not to this extent), but when I'm over there my job is to cook and clean. ;_;
Cooking is fine--when you don't have to worry about the ingredients being 10+ years old and moldy. ;_;

Drakyn said...

Shiva, its not so much the origins of calling cops pigs, its the associations of the word pigs itself.

The only time I've really seen the use of Babylon is more in "whore of babylon" type uses, thanks for the suggestion though. ^.^