Sunday, December 14, 2008

shortpacked saw a vanity license plate reading "GOPCKS".

Mmmm, GOP Cocks. Tastes like Real America! We grow gooood people in our small towns!

Leaves me wondering what "Real America" tastes like, because I'm pretty sure the last place that the GOP Cocks were is up the asses of the union workers in Michigan.

If "Real America" tastes like the inside of a factory worker's colon, I think I'd prefer the fake stuff.
So, currently I am thinking on a post about names, as I will be getting mine changed later this week... I don't currently have anything written down for the post; right now its all jumbled up in my head and I'm not quite sure what to write and what to leave out...

So here is a gift while you wait; I'll be in my bunk writing that post...


GDad said...

Name changing must be a big step. I'd love to hear about it.

polerin said...

Congrats on the name change. I was scared pissless that the judge would make a big deal out of it, but I don't think anyone even noticed other than him, and all he did was pause for a half second (reading) and have a half quirked eyebrow when he asked if I was the person listed, and that it was indeed my wish.

The poor lady at the DMV was slightly more confused, but nice enough XD