Thursday, January 29, 2009

Awesome trans book for kids--y/y?

(Click to enlarge)
Full credit for the idea and the words belongs to Ruth.
My little sister and I cracked up and we are not sure if this is epic win...or epic fail.
(For some reason GIMP hates me so I had to do it in paint)


Ruth Moss said...

Oh am so rotflmao at that! Really should be going to bed though as real life - rather than cartoon - toddler will doubtless wake at five a.m. as per usual and here it is twenty to eleven already.

Drakyn said...

Glad it amused you! ^.^

Whoaa... time difference. Here it isn't even 6pm yet. o.0

DanaeLM said...


2. The book idea you pitched would be awesome (but it's so far out of my league... *goes try to find a way to ssh her old hard drives' writing notes to the new lappy*

nixwilliams said...