Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What I've been looking at

NY State Assembly approved GENDA!!!! This means that, if the Senate passes it, you can't be discriminated against based on your gender identity or gender expression; so this also protects folks who aren't trans*, but still don't conform to gender/sex roles.
Barney Frank, John Averwhosis, and the rest of them can go fuck themselves for being cissexist. They should be focusing more on getting legislation like this passed instead of same-sex marriage (as important as that is); numbers don't lie.

More good news, it looks like Obama will win the nomination! Lately, I've mostly been following the nominations from Transgriot because while Monica supports Obama, she doesn't use sexist attacks against Hillary.
Monica's blog is awesome for more than just campiegn stuff, she's got other good news (KY reinstated protections for trans* state employees), posts about being a trans* woman of color (Trans* WOC are not ugly), as wells as other Important Stuff (the increase in homo- and transphobic hate crimes for instance).

In case you weren't aware, Brownfemipower is back and posting!

Female Desire Week is here again!

I'm thinking of getting a new binder, my old one doesn't work so well (especially in this heat); I'm thinking a white Double Front Compression Shirt.

Oh, and weird search terms: "hbs ftm prince" "monster cocks wants students at school" "i want to make my as a monster cock is it possible through surgery" (WTF??) "hentay monster attaking young doctor" (learn to spell; it's hentai and attacks) "ocd fear of being transgender"


Anonymous said...

I bought a couple of white double fronts... don't know what sort of size you are, but they were no good for me.
(Which is a pity, cos they are more comfy than the tri-top)
I have a very large chest, and so I generally use the tri-top, and it works pretty well in general. My bf uses a tri-top with a double front layered over the top (the tri to flatten his chest, and then the double to smooth his hips)
I tried layering, but it made my chest look oddly unnatural and um, I felt like I had flesh creeping up to strangle me.
To give you an idea, me and the boy both use a Medium, I'm an e-cup, and he's a c-cup.

Drakyn said...

Thanks Ryan. Would you say the doublefront helps with back pain, or at least doesn't make it worse? Not only do I slouch, but I hold my back weird and tense the muscles oddly, so my back tends to hurt a lot and I'd rather not make that worse.
I actually checked out Binder reviews and before I buy I'll look through the tags at ftm too.
I'll probably get a small or and extra-small; I'm reeaally thin and a B cup. I can pass with a sports bra, but only if I layer. And I notice the excess flesh there so I want something better. I have a Body Shirt(993), but I have to fold it up and it doesn't work as well as I'd like.

Ryan said...

Yeah, I reckon you'd be ok with the double front if your a skinny-snip. :)
Its really really comfortable, I found. I had really bad back pain with the tri-top + double, but just by itself I really liked it, and was only disappointed that it barely flattened my chest.
I get a bit of back pain since I started binding. It really sucks doesn't it?

Drakyn said...

Ok, thanks, I'll probably order it later tonight after my bf logs off AIM.
My back always hurts, but it's worse if I'm standing for a long time or binding too tightly (like tripling up the comp shirt). My back still hurts after an hour long nonstop backrub (I have nice friends).
and I have no idea, other than posture and tense muscles, why my back's bad. I can lift heavy stuff alright and it doesn't generally aggravate my back.

Hopefully this will bind well enough to wear less than four layers. I absolutely loathe summer; autumn is the best season. ^.^