Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Hokay, so, I'm just going to direct y'all over to Transgriot because she's got a few awesome posts up (then again, when doesn't she?).

And I'm thinking about writing up a post snarking, fisking, or even attempting to refute this one self-identified feminazi's posts and comments on "transgenderism", but I don't know if I want to break my brain. Here is why this could very well break my poor wittle tranny-brain;
"Most transgendered will say that their goal isn’t to “do” any activity, they will say that they just “are” a certain way. Does this make sense? One is an activity that is “done”, the other is a state of being that “is”.
Let’s go through that, just to doublecheck:
You don’t need a penis to pick up a hammer. In other words, you don’t need a penis to “do”.
You don’t need a penis to think about hammers. In other words, you don’t need a penis to “think.”
You don’t need a penis to feel any emotion for hammers. In other words, you don’t need a penis to “feel”.
You don’t need a penis to feel or to not-feel any emotion at all.
Emotions are feelings. To feel an emotion is a state of “being”.
OOPS!! We just used logic to rule out their only explaination. The only explaination left is that it’s a fetish. After 30 years of having this conversation, they still can’t explain why it’s not a fetish."

Yeah...do you see how I could have a hard time translating this moonspeak?
And she talks about how logical she is and how illogical we trannies are; how we just keep trying to appeal to emotions and she doesn't and can't condone appealing to emotions and not logic... o.o
Yeah, apparently, disgust, anger, etc. (the emotions her posts/comments appeal to) aren't really emotions or are somehow logical.
...And now I am, for some reason, imagining a penis that is like an elephant's trunk picking up a hammer. DO NOT WANT

Hmmm, maybe later I'll just go through and make fun of the particularly stupid parts (like that gem above). I just honestly can't believe that she seriously thinks she's proving anything or acting logically. She's made a couple posts on "transgenderism", one of her commenters produced that wonderful idea that some trans*folk are only trans* because we have OCD about our genitals. And she trolled Lisa's blog with the same shit as she did on Anji's, just a bit less of it. BTW, I did answer the "prove it's not a fetish" meme in Lisa's comments. And then, since m andrea never came back, we started to chat about which super powers are better (shapeshifting FTW) among other things. ^.^

I've had friends that were very logical; one is so logical she intuits calculus. And when I explained trans*ism and me being a guy to her she basically went, "Huh, alright, that makes sense. Oh hey, can you find me some resources on asexuality? I have no idea where to even look."

ETA: I'm thinking I'll only do a post on m andrea's "logic" if folks are interested; theres no point in engaging unless I can at least make others laugh, cry, headdesk, etc. ^.^ So just tell me if you are, or are not, interested in reading such a post (though I doubt I will go too deep, I like what little sanity I have left).


Andy said...

I'm interested. I'm going to have to come out sooner or later. I need to know what people may say!

Drakyn said...

heh, luckily I haven't met many of this sort of person offline. ^.^
But their views often shape 'official' views; I recently heard that Janice Raymond has worked to exclude medical transition from things like Medicare ('ctrl f' for Raymond).

Queers United said...

AVEN Asexual Visibility Education Network

Drakyn said...

Umm, my friend asked me for help finding resources a few years ago an we've since lost touch after graduating. At the time I found her several helpful sites, from LJ communities to AVEN (or something like it, I don't remember).

queen emily said...

Do it.

With lots of snark. But not panda pictures, I Own That.

Anonymous said...

YES to your method of "proving it's not a fetish". When I'm a pirate ninja at Hogwarts in my mind, I'm always a guy. When I'm very old, I'm always a very old man.

Anyway, IS RONG WAY ROUND. Just because surgery and hormones magically improves our sex lives (a gross generalisation I know, but I don't *like* having sex in the wrong body!) doesn't mean that's their only function...

Drakyn said...

Yeah, just this morning when I didn't feel like getting up, I was super-dragon (of d00m +2) fighting Decepticon afts.
Was it sexual? hells no.
Was I a guy? Hells yea. Since I was a shapeshifter I started out a trans*guy then I shifted into a cis*male dragon form, and then afterwards shifted into cis*male human form.

And Emily, I has no plagrrizm panda? No matter: snakes > panda.

Sara said...

Yeah, about AVEN. It still exists nowadays I think, haven't been there in like a year.

I went there first in May 2005, when I was finding stuff out about transition, transsexuals and all that. I met a MtF there who had a yahoo group, that I'm still subsribed to, though I have like 2,000 unread emails from that group alone (thank you yahoo for unlimited mail space).

It's a nice place for asexuality. Met a handful of cool people I added on messengers, one being a radical feminist who actually has nothing at all against my transition or transition in general. Had nice conversations with her, and I still keep in touch somewhat.

People over there had a pretty good grasp of what transsexuality is, since many of them are androgynous (and have analyzed gender and all that jazz to large extents).

About mAndrea, I found her two posts not long ago and was flabbergasted I guess is the word, about how she could say all that, keep a straight face and call that logic. I wanted to comment til I saw all the "You go girl" kind of comments about the OP. I'm not willing to step in that dimension if I'm the only one there :P

Been reading many if not most posts speaking of her post there.

DysPerDis said...

Wow. You've got to love m andrea's logic here- if it doesn't alter your ability to pick up a hammer, it must be a fetish! *eyeroll* Hey, I think I heard that same argument from a NARTH supporter last week!

I tried to read the original post that contained this garbage, but I only got about one paragraph in before my eyes started glazing over.