Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meme BreakEmily

Emily tagged me for a meme, so I can take a break from t3h stupid for a bit. ^.^

8 random things about me:

1) I 'talk' to my cats. I can meow, growl, and make other various noises and can have 'conversations' with them. And not just my cats, I do this with stranger cats too. The neighbor's cat likes me, I chat with him and he seems to like me--he tried to get me to hang out under the car with him before it rained one day. ^.^

2) I dislike the water, yet there are a few situations where I love it. Swimming in large lakes/the ocean when it's storming is one of the few times I like the water.

3) I'm a vegetarian, yet one of my favorite things about eating baby carrot sticks is that I like to imagine they are bones I'm snapping and chewing on.

4) My parents disagree, but my bf and I think I may have broken a rib as a child because not only is one rib shaped oddly/sticking out weird but I sometimes have a hard time breathing (not asthma though).

5) I love peach soda; both Faygo brand and those Japanese bottles with the marbles brand.

6) I love walking barefoot--even in the city. I can handle walking on pavement and gravel as well as soft surfaces like sand and mud.

7) My music tastes range from death metal (Dethklok) to disney songs (Stand Out--A Goofy Movie).

8) I hate cut lawns. Grass should grow to at least my knees and have a bunch of other plants mixed in. Cut lawns look like shit imo.

Should they choose to accept it, I tag anyone who wants to.

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